Putting the Prod in Productivity

Submitted for your approval, a collection of tools for creativity, a toybox for the Muse. I'm Dr. Wicked and my fiendish plan is to make you creatively productive and productively creative.

Write or Die 2

A fiendish yet friendlier update to the original prod.uctivity app. Write or Die 2 helps you get your first draft done by providing consequences for procrastination.



The newest prod.uctivity product! It's a multiplayer writing game featuring competitive word sprints with chat, statistics and (soon) leaderboards. Challenge your friends to see who can get their first draft done fastest.


A robotic copy editor, a pedantic minion to assist you with revision.


Story idea generator and Sestina Helper. An experiment in structured serendipity.


[Work in Progress] Social deadline tracking with spreadsheets and widgets.