Putting the Prod in Productivity

Submitted for your approval, a collection of tools for creativity, a toybox for the Muse. I'm Dr. Wicked and my fiendish plan is to make you creatively productive and productively creative.

Write or Die 2

A fiendish yet friendlier update to the original prod.uctivity app. Write or Die 2 helps you get your first draft done by providing consequences for procrastination.

Unofficial East Austin Studio Tour Map

east screenshot

Built in one day, I wanted a better way to explore the East Austin Studio Tour.


A robotic copy editor, a pedantic minion to assist you with revision.



Spookmarks is a tool that I wanted to exist so I made it. You can save Spookmarks and set them to "haunt" (i.e. notify) you after a specific time. Useful for time sensitive links like tickets and sales. Also useful for Chrome tabs you don't want to leave open but also don't want to forget about. It's meant to bridge the gap between open tabs and bookmarks.



It's a multiplayer writing game featuring competitive word sprints with chat, statistics and (soon) leaderboards. Challenge your friends to see who can get their first draft done fastest.


boredmuse screenshot

Story idea generator and Sestina Helper. An experiment in structured serendipity.


[Work in Progress] Social deadline tracking with spreadsheets and widgets.